Published: August, 2015.

The gays in Russia that likes Emojis may be silenced

In Russia there are laws against promoting homosexuality. Mikhail Marchenko, a senator in Russia’s upper house of parliament, who was the first official to note the potential danger in the cartoon smiley faces of boys kissing boys and girls kissing girls. Mikhail Marchenko is looking into tightening the laws.

In the worst case you may end up in a gulag for sending messages with a few kissing people. During the communist era there were a lot of work camps up in Siberia where they worked you to death. Talk about these concentration camps have silenced in the media now that the Americans are operating similar camps for example on Guantanamo bay. But the inmates in the Russian gulags may soon get new cell mates. It will be though for some of the young Russians that have become very decadent. No phone, no Internet only hard work in the mines.

Some of the quotes from Senator Marchenko,the Russian politician:

These emojis of non-traditional sexual orientation are seen by all users of the social network, a large portion of whom are minors.
But propaganda of homosexuality is banned under the laws and under the pillars of tradition that exist here in our country.

Here at we take this very seriously. We have invested a lot of money in bringing you this site, so we are following this development very closely. If this goes through we may be forced to cut off access to this website for anybody surfing the web from Russia.

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