Question: What are the Emojis coming out in 2016 and how do they look?

Answer: We can look forward to some really amazing cool emojis in 2016. For example the clown and the pregnant women.

But spokespersons in the transgender community say they find the pregnant women emoji very offensive and discriminating and have now put pressure against Unicode to have it removed. So even if it is added it will most likely be removed on iOs and Android.

Below is a list of proposed new Emojis for 2016:

Actual Emoji Character Picture of how it could look Description
🤠 Face with cowboy hat
🤡 Clown face
🤢 Nauseated face
🤣 Rolling on the floor laughing
🤤 Drooling face
🤥 Lying face
🤙 Call me hand
🤳 Selfie
🤚 Raised back of hand
🤛 Left facing fist
🤜 Right facing fist
🤝 Handshake
🤞 Fingers Crossed
🤰 Pregnant woman
🤦 Face palm
🤷 Shrug
🕺 Man dancing (in a feminine way)
🤴 Prince
🤵 Man in tuxedo
🤶 Mother Christmas
🥀 Wilted flower
🛴 Scooter
🛵 Motor Scooter
🛑 Octagonal sign
🥂 Clinking glasses
🎔 Black heart
🥐 Croissant
🥑 Avocado
🥒 Cucumber
🥓 BaconBacon
🥔 Potato
🥕 Carrot
🦊 Fox face
🦅 Eagle
🦆 Duck
🦇 Bat Bat
🦈 Shark
🦉 Owl

But getting serious here these are some really promising emojis. The clinking glasses will probably be very popular since so many people are sending out messages that they are going to a party or are at a party. The Americans will surely like the bacon emoji because they like to eat a lot of bacon on everything. But the Cucumber and Carrot, not so much with the Americans at least.

Of course will support these emojis as soon as it is released. is on the ball constantly.